Biohazard cleaning services

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Hoarder cleaning

Whether an individual is still occupying or has vacated the property, cleaning a hoarder’s house can be stressful for those involved. That’s why we provide hoarder cleaning services , returning your property to a habitable condition so you can focus on providing support where it’s needed.

Our trusted and fully trained staff identify items of high value during the cleanup process so nothing of monetary or sentimental value is lost. We guarantee a fully discreet, professional and confidential service, minimising stress while returning your property to a liveable, presentable state. Contact us today for more information on our hoarder’s house cleaning services.

Unattended death cleaning

Cleaning up after a serious incident, suicide or murder trauma and crime scene cleaning involves a complete clean-up process and removal of contaminated items. Items within the area can be cleaned or disposed of, however we also cover any contamination with the likes of tissue matter, blood, or bodily fluids.

In many cases where there has been an accident, a suicide or even a murder, cleaning up can be your responsibility. It’s easy to assume that clearing up any blood or fluids will be done by the police or the government, but this isn’t true. It’s often the family of the victim or the owner of the property that needs to take care of this.

Needle sweep cleaning

The removal of needles and other hazardous objects from a site or property is essential in ensuring the cleanliness and safety of a site. That’s why, at Gleaming & Cleaning we provide professional needle sweep cleaning and sharps hazard removal services, helping you to restore your property to a presentable, habitable state.

Our team members are all fully trained and qualified to provide a professional and safe removal service, complying with all relevant government guidelines. Sweeps are undertaken methodically, with every square meter of the property being thoroughly checked to ensure the area is cleansed and any hazardous material is removed.

Fire soot damage cleaning

At Gleaming & Cleaning , we understand that having to deal with the results of an unexpected fire can be overwhelming. It can feel like there is so much to do that you don’t know where to start. Have peace of mind knowing that hiring a fire damage cleanup service is a simple process.

We will return your property back as close to its pre-fire state as possible. Our experienced fire damage cleaners will ensure that the fire damage cleanup service is done quickly and safely. Whilst ensuring we deliver the highest quality results.

Crime scene cleaning

Complete Trauma Cleaning provide a professional Crime Scene Cleaning service Crime Scene Cleanup involves the removal and cleaning or disposal of items that have been contaminated with body fluids /blood, or tissue matter, but it does not stop there.

As well as cleaning the obvious area that has been contaminated, we also perform a thorough deep clean, especially in areas that the untrained eye would not see such as grout, cement, wood flooring and sub flooring which all have the potential to emanate death odors if they have been contaminated due to the decomposition of human body fluids / blood, and tissue.
Gleaming & Cleaning are a team of highly trained specialists, allow them to offer remediating to areas that have been contaminated with bodily fluids and human tissue; areas the untrained eye would not see. 

We are happy to work with an agent (a friend or family member) so the family need not be involved in a significant way.

Mould removal

Every dwelling, irrespective of its construction, contains within its fabric mould spores which are dormant and completely harmless. However, given the right conditions, these spores will germinate, resulting in extensive growths of black disfiguring mould.

Mould needs very little nutrients and will grow on walls and ceilings irrespective of the decorative finish. Mould spores will also spread into the air, which is a serious health risk, and give off an obnoxious musty smell. Clothes, furnishings and carpets can also be destroyed by unsightly mould

Infection control

Our commercial environment infection control deep cleaning services involve the thorough decontamination of all types of commercial premises including:
Our commercial environment infection control deep cleaning services have been developed to support Facilities Managers, Operations Managers & Office Managers prevent the spread of Coronavirus as well as Norovirus and many others as we use a variety of treatments as part of this service to help protect the health and safety of your staff.

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