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Specialist roof cleaners

Our roof cleaning services will transform your roof and its appearance. Our scraping method will remove approximately 90% of all moss from your roof and we then use a specialised treatment to kill off the remaining 10%.

We scrape unsightly moss with telescopic poles and soft-washing chemical to eliminate moss, algi and licen. We use the very popular Bio Cleanze to effectively penetrate deep into the moss and kill off all moss. The product is then simply washed away by natural weathering and keeps your roof clean for months to come.

The roof de-mossing process


We lay sheets around your property to catch moss.


We install a gutter guard to prevent filling your gutters with moss while we clean your roof.


We install a gutter guard to prevent filling your gutters with moss while we clean your roof.


Depending on the severity of the moss build-up we will either use a telescopic brush or a telescopic scraper to remove the moss that has formed on your roof.


We remove the gutter guards and sheets that have been placed around your property ensuring the only trace of us ever being there is your clean roof.

What’s the difference between Roof Soft Washing and Roof Pressure Washing?

Our safe, Soft Wash is a low-pressure cleaning system, with a more gentle approach when cleaning some surfaces, rather than pressure washing with its high volume of water and abrasive action, which can damage certain surfaces e.g. roof coverings, etc.

Roof Soft Washing Benefits

No high pressure – No damage
Safe for pets & plants
Kills Toxic Moulds & Moss
Biodegradable & Eco-Friendly cleaning solutions
Continues to work 12 months and beyond
Improves curb appeal and safeguards your property and investment

When do we do Roof Pressure Washing?

High-pressure water spray is only recommended for certain applications. It is more aggressive and abrasive, suitable for the removal of loose paint, mould, grime, dirt, mud, chewing gum, and graffiti. Pressure washing is the perfect solution when cleaning driveways as it not only cleans the surface of the block paving but also removes all of the dirt build-ups including the old sand. After this process, we re-sand and seal the entire surface. This gives your driveway a new lease of life.

Roof Cleaning Benefits

Cleaning your roof will instantly transform the look of your home
Manually removing the moss from your roof and treating it for further protection can extend the life of your roof
Increase kerb appeal and can also increase property value
Keep your guttering and roof drainage system working as it should – thus protecting the eaves section
No more sweeping moss from the ground that has fallen from your roof
By choosing Gleaming & Cleaning Ltd for a complete overhaul of your roof you can save £’s on replacing your roof

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We work on domestic and commercial properties. If it needs a clean, we can clean it!

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